Very good call with the Wildshape Feats and I like the other additions too. Now you get something fun and exciting every single level. The class is looking very tight and I'd say it's one of my favorite homebrews so far.

Minor nitpicks:
- Improved Grab seems a little powerful for that level
- maybe Animalistic Resilience could show up earlier?
- Wildshape still has the problem of your physical scores not mattering at all. I think Pathfinder fixed this. Understandably though, you could argue that being a really friggin' strong squirrel or whatever is a bit silly. Also, unlike the Druid, your natural form is very combat-ready as is and Wildshape is more limited so it's less likely that you'll make all your physical stats into dump stats

I checked the entire class over two more times. Can't think of anything else to say other than it's really solid and thanks for making it!