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    Quote Originally Posted by Grif View Post
    Sliverpine shivered as the tail brushed against him. Darn, how did Gear manage to excite him like this everytime. He followed the xanadu filly out and downstairs towards the kitchen.

    (Sandy still there right?)

    Once at the kitchen, he noticed Sandy burying himself in pancakes. "Hey, save some for us!" he said jokingly.
    (Yep, he's still there)

    Sandy poked his head out from a comically huge stack of pancakes. He put a hoof to his chin in mock thought, before shaking his head furiously and ducking back behind his plate. The satisfied *om nom nom* sounds resumed.

    Of course, Sandy did make sure to keep one eye on the pair, as he waited for Heartflight's demonstration. In case he couldn't eat through his pancakes in time, he nommed himself a little peephole just to be sure.
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    We're like the weeping angels from Doctor Who, except with cuddling and friendship instead of horrible death. Don't look away.
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