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I have the two ornaments and a T-shirt in my basket, last year's order looked much the same (well, there were more ornaments). That's what confused me as well, last year's coupon was accepted without a hitch for the same product categories

I guess I'll just wait a bit longer and see what's up next/if one of the next coupons works. Should push come to shove, I'll order without a coupon, but if I can get one to work it'd be nice (the order is for me, but it's a present from someone else, so if I can use a coupon they'll appreciate it and I think it's the least I can do).
For now I'll say thank you for your time, and I'll report back how the next one(s) work
I couldn't get the coupon to work for my order. I just went ahead and ordered anyways. Didn't feel like contacting them or waiting to find out if it was going to work later.