That is much clearer, thank you. The one thing I am still puzzled by is your reference to full round and full attack actions. As the class stands right now, it is a standard action to fire an eldritch blast, and then a swift action to fire a second with dual blast. Those don't add up to a full round or full attack action.

You have certainly persuaded me to lower the level you acquire Dual Blast, and quite probably add in a triple option. I'll have to rejigger when various abilities are granted, but right now I'm thinking of sticking Dual Blast at either 8 or 10, and then Triple Blast 10 levels later, at either 18 or 20. If 20, I'd move Renew Item to be gained earlier.

I think I'll need to rewrite both Eldritch Glaive and Eldritch Blow to work better with Dual/Triple Blast, and I really need to get a copy of Dragon 358 so I can read Eldritch Claws.