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Clarissa's Sanctuary
"It won't be a journey I haven't made before..."
It's true, KillCon 2011 was held in Hell.
"Will you come with me to find her?"
He then began to get a funny feeling...like he was forgetting something...
Something like a jet black, gleaming katana that's now stuck in his yard's remains.
[Clarissa's Sanctuary]

Angel-Clarissa hesitates for an instant before responding. She really doesn't feel like leaving the hot tub. Then again, she couldn't not help Dave locate Master. That just wouldn't do at all! She mulls the question over in her mind before carefully muttering,

"I'll give you a compass which should lead you to Master. It won't function correctly for me for some reason. If you want me to join you for the duration of your journey, you'll have to best me in a duel."

That's a strange challenge for a half-angel to issue! Then again, this is Clarissa we're talking about.


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[Sparrow's Fall, World of Eight Moons]

Trium smiles, looking amused, and somewhat puzzled.

"Nothing, really. They're just trees. Why would I have a connection to them?"

Her voice is curious, both as to why she'd be connected to them and Spec doesn't simply refer to the trees as what they are.
[Sparrow's Fall, World of Eight Moons]


Spec replies, blushing over her misunderstanding.

"It's, ah, nothing. I just haven't seen many of these...whatever you called them lying around."

Wherever Spec came from must have been a real dump with horrendous air quality.