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    Eleanor Rigby's Avatars (Most of these were DYF gifts ):
    Original image made by Alarra in the Comedy Round of Draw Your Friends. As the cropped version shows, the full sized piece is very detailed. I didn't think reducing it to 120x120 did it justice: thought this was the most pertinent 120x120 chunk for a thumbnail.*

    Original image made by Kasanip in the Outta Eldritch round of Draw Your Friends. Haven't used this in a banner or an avatar yet for similar reasons to why I haven't used Alarra's yet. Chose this bit because it's got the most recogniseable features and the expression's still in there. It's such a shame to cut these things up...*

    An avatar made for me by araveugnitsuga in the Literary round of Draw Your Friends.
    She looks so saaad! Alas... Luckily, as a fairly melodramatic English Lit student I can appreciate the avatar on a number of levels in spite of her despair

    An avatar made for me by Oblivion in the Video Games round of Draw Your Friends. Lilla Rigby's gone the extra mile with her accessorising to play the part of Princess Peach, so she may be feeling a little shy here - but I gotta say, she pulls it off pretty well, doesn't she? Whodathunkit?

    The original image for this was made for me by Dogmantra in the Around the World round of Draw Your Friends. It was originally larger, but I shrunk it so it would fit in my signature. She looks so teeny and intrigued/ astonished... And alwas seems to be able to stare at her creator's name when I credit him - it's like she's out of the title sequences for the Great Muppet Caper or something!

    My gift from the very first round of Draw Your Friends I participated in made for me by Elder Tsofu, the theme was nature, which Lilla Rigby's quite fond of anyway, as you can see from how relaxed she is here.

    *link to full sized image pending.

    Made by Me:
    I think this is the only theme week avatar I've ever used... cobbled together in something of a hurry by yours truly, it's an interpretation of what would happen if Lilla Rigby got fused with Serpentine's avatar. I cheated with the scale effect and put it in with a raster program, I also made a meal of exporting the thing...
    There are lots of things wrong with that avatar and I've decided to blame them all on the craaazy effects of whatever people fused the avatars in the first place. (The eyes and lack of ears are deliberate, a lot of the other stuff? Um... We can pretend it is?)
    I gave Serp the other half and she was charitable enough (the resolution was pretty rubbish) to use it for some Fusion Week.
    The original Lilla Rigby avatar, I believe. I think the main outlines are a bit chunky, the detailing on the hair's a bit iffy and the perspective's rather borked, amonst other things - but for a first avatar attempt it wasn't horrible (She is meant to represent Lilla My from the Moomin series as a Hobgoblin. She seems not to scowl anywhere near so much as the Jansson character does though. ) I cannot remember precisely why I thought at the time that it would be a good idea to make her look quite so... grabby? Might have been the OotS reference I was referring to as I was trying to give her the same proportions as an OotS toddler.

    Games I am in:

    Scatter the Pieces: OOC IC where I play Magdi, an aging goblin bard with more intelligence than charisma and less strength than your average homeopathic remedy. She does not like confrontations but does like stories. She's also homesick, on account of her home having been recently levelled by giants during a peaceful celebration. To make up for the newfound lonliness that having your city levelled brings on, she's been making a concentrated effort to look after the new friends she's met (at least one of them doesn't necessarily realise he's her friend yet)... except when she's forgetting to concentrate on anything at all. Has a bit of a selfless streak. Is rather fond of talking.

    Rise of the Runelords: started in GitP and moved offsite to mythweavers. I play Mae-Lin, a young halfling beguiler who's travelled a fair bit but hasn't worked independently or with an unfamiliar team like... ever. She has the same highest and lowest stat as Magdi does and managed to get knocked a fair bit below 0HP in her first 24 hours of adventuring. For a smart person she can be surprisingly stupid and for a short (even by halfling standards) beguiler she can be remarkably noticeable too. To make up for these things, she seems to be making an effort to stay on the right side of some powerful new friends... except when she's forgetting to make an effort. Has a bit of a selfish streak. Is rather fond of talking.

    Eleanor_Rigby draws things sporadically but is too lazy to make her own thread:
    Ee-yup. Will probably put up some links in here at some point. For now I'll just say that I sometimes pop into Saeyan's Art Upgrade thread, sometimes post fancomic fanart (I think I've only actually posted fanart for one comic, thus far, actually), contributed to a now deceased Round Robin comic in the same subforum and have taken commission-esque things occaisionally in the past.
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    Current avatar by Zefir
    Thanks to Teutonic Knight, Kasanip, Oblivion, Dogmantra, Elder Tsofu, araveugnitsuga and Alarra