Add me to the list who don't think another Resistance is going to spring up here. They were at their strongest just now, with Team Peregrine on side and presumably everyone having gained a level or two through fighting, and yet Redcloak crushed them with as little care or effort as someone might spend crushing an ant. And he did that alone! It ought to be pretty obvious to Niu now, even if it wasn't before, that this is an unwinnable war--even if she had the entire Order in Azure City to help her out she couldn't turn the tide against 20 thousand hobgoblins (plus however many more goblinoids have moved in recently) even without Xykon and Redcloak present.

Plus, on a more practical level, where could any new Resistance hide out? The mountain caves have been discovered and collapsed by earthquake. Realistically, the only hope left for freeing Azure City from goblinoid rule is a direct frontal assault by a large army.