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    Dining Hall
    The Weaver snuck into the kitchen via a back door. He wasn't afraid of his siblings, but he quite enjoyed the smells that Llassar and the culinary spirits conjured from biological stuffs. Which is why he was surprised to instead find Jongo. Making...something. "Hello again Jongo. Fancy seeing you here. Llassar finally cave to your constant pleas to help with dinner?" The Weaver stood behind his eldest sibling, and took a whiff of the creation upon the counter. Delicious, in an odd sort of way.
    The Grand Kitchen

    "Ah! Rodney!" Jongo spun on the stool he was sitting on. Looking up at her brother, Jongo grinned again, bemused.

    The spirits of the kitchen were busy, prepping for the Banquet. Not wanting to displease Father, Jongo had decided that the "Take-Over-the-Kitchen" plan would probably be only a good idea for a few minutes.

    So a few minutes was all Jongo had to put this plan into action. Giggling, he pointed at the counter, "Lookie lookie! Sammiches!"

    On the counter were what appeared to be sourdough dinner rolls. The centers, however, seemed to bulge, as though someone had carefully cooked something inside the bread. They smelled delicious. In an odd sort of way.

    There were ten of them. And other than the fact that they were separated on the baking slab in a well spaced fashion, it was hard to tell them apart.

    "I couldn't make a lot, because the Banquet is soon, but I thought a snack might be nice. For, you know, the people playing with the weird game that Lossethir made with the weird numbered shapes and things. And I was hungry too. So I had the spirits whip these up! And Llassar wasn't around to stop me, so I added a twist!" Jongo smiled a big smile, which usually meant that she was having fun... and could be trouble for someone.

    "Hey! Say! You can help me. I'm gonna close my eyes. Put those sammiches onto that plate there. And just tell me when you are done!" Saying that, Jongo spun around, back facing the counter. Placing both hands over his green and grey eyes, she scrunched her eyes shut, and waiting.

    "Are you done yet?"

    These are NOT Sandwiches. They more closely resemble Kolaches. If you don't know what a kolache is, this is a good picture (warning, takes you away from GitP). They are bread with something filled inside, and generally are delicious.
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    BladeofObliviom said:
    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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