PEACH! Scion of Ashardalon!

It looks like it's a Warlock/DFA PrC. Obvious entry is DFA 2 Warlock 3. I'm a little unclear why a class with Binder fluff is double invoker based, but we'll see how it goes.

4+ skills is fine, Warlock is kind of shafted with 2+ anyway. UMD is really good, but the original classes have it so it's probably fine.

3/4 BAB and only good Will is very Warlock. If you want a power boost you could throw in good Fort, we'll see if that's advisable.

Demonic Heart makes this multiclassing not hurt very much. Throw in a Practiced Spellcaster and you can be a nearly full Warlock, similar to the Ultimate Magus trick.

Breath of A is lacking something: it lets you stack warlock and DFA levels for breath weapon damage, but it doesn't include Scion of A levels meaning you just do 5th level DFA damage until 15th level. This is probably not as intended. You might also consider letting them trade any blast shapes they have now for different invocations of the same grade.

Bonus AC is thematic and not that worrisome.

Presence of the Draconian Demon... can people tell the source of the non-lethal damage? Because undetectable damage can be very mean in nominally non-combat situations. The 10th level ability of this Presence is pretty brutal, as it turns Shaken into Frightened i.e. '-2 to stuff' becomes instead 'must run away'. Since this doesn't seem to be limited to fear only from this ability this gives potential for serious fear stacking. The only thing keeping this from being zomgwtfgood is that only the frightful presence ignores fear immunity and it only works on people with fewer hit dice than you i.e. chumps. Does the 6th level telepathy still cause 1 nonlethal/round?

Memories of the Primeval Sorcerer will be used for Wings of Cover. What is the caster level on these spells? Depending on that answer, it will probably also be used for Wings of Flurry. Wraithstrike is less likely but still scary. There are other spells which shouldn't be at will.

Rebuke... is it an immediate action, or a free action that can be taken out of turn? It's probably more balanced as an immediate action.

Archetype is probably not a big deal, I"m too lazy to look at the spells and verify that.

Fluff looks fine. I'm worried about the power of a few things, and you're kind of hemmed in by the fact that "pact" is associated with binders, but you're using the term responsibly.