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    So, I'm a player again. Therefore, snippets!

    Journal, entry one: It's been a long day. I'm given to understand that happens a lot for wanderers like us, so maybe I should get used to it...Anyway.

    My name is Kalach, and I am a warlock. I'm sure you have reason to be reading this.

    I met up with Irthos in a small town. I bear the signs of one who made the warlock's pact with a fiend-dragon, and he was one of the kobold throwbacks that call themselves 'dragonwrought'. I needed a...'locksmith', which he was. He needed the assistance of an arcanist, which I am. An excellent match, in any case.

    We later met two of Tempus' followers. One a warrior. Not very original, but the followers of the wargod would hardly be anything else. The other was more interesting. He was more directly blessed by his patron deity, and had the power of a cleric, without the need for study and supplication. A neat trick.

    The four of us were hired to investigate an old ruin. It was, however, rather beyond our meager experience. There are few adventurers that can contend with a being that turns others to stone. In the end, we found ourselves trapped in a room containing a great portal. From one entrance we heard a gargantuan serpent, and the other a sound of armored men approaching. So, we dove though the portal, which collapsed behind us. We came out above the sea, and were rescued by fishermen. More lucky contrivances...I mislike it.

    In any case, they belonged to a monastery on a secluded isle. They welcomed us easily enough, but tomorrow we work in the fields. There will be no ship to return to the mainland for several months. With luck, however, we can find some other way back.
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