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    Default Re: Madness, Blood and Thunder in Ravens Bluff IC

    Quote Originally Posted by Sallera View Post
    Oh, nice job, copperskins. Wait so long you screw up your end of the deal. Bet you'll try and blame it on us, too.
    in case it wasn't clear, your job was to delay until Ambrath's men get in position. As it was you got out at speed immediately after contact and had a scouting advantage to boot. The copperskins never had a chance

    "Yes yes wait, but keep moving, just a little more slowly." He walks down the street, and with many people and occasional horsecart around you need to stick close to each other. After Mirielle's question he hesitates a moment, grimacing and touching his jaw where a half-faded mark from a nasty impact is. "Well, it's a... kind of embarassing tale. Just arrived here today, you see, and wanted to make a little starting money with card tricks. Went to a seedy tavern called Rat's Nest and bet someone I could predict any card he turns over. So I just said 'Ace of Hearts' and when he turned the card over I used a little illusion to superimpose the ace on top of it." He pauses a moment, ovbiously expecting you to be impressed by this trick. "Would have worked like a charm if I had taken a look at the deck beforehand. As it was, the ace looked wrong and they noticed. Huge uproar, appearantly the people of this city have quite strict views on how to deal with tricksters.
    Anyway, this guy, black armor, grey cloak, stands up and winks at me. I wink back and then he knocks me senseless with a single punch, telling the others he'll handle this and they saw nothing. Brings me to an abandoned warehouse with more of his ilk and they ask me some questions - in a Zone of Truth no less. Tell me I owe them my life - which I guess is true - and in return expect me to deliver a message and shake off some pursuers."
    He is silent for a moment as two watch officers walk by. "No idea who these guys are, but I have a gut feeling they might be a sucessor of the Four Ravens - you know, that former Thieves Guild? Been looking for a sign of them since I arrived here."
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