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    Day 298: And Live In Regrets

    And onto some colouring. It's ai'ight, but I'm in a complete nonstarter state as far as art goes tonight; this much only happened due to willpower and habit. Stressing over bills and payments and resumes and other nonsense left me feeling drained but, gods, am I glad that rubbish is dealt with for now.

    I feel like the colouring/shading method I've got here is very quick and efficient and it looks okay; if I want to do a quick piece I think I'll stay with this technique (such as, for a webcomic). There's more potential in paints, and I'll get around to trying to paint up some skintones sometime, but this is a decent compromise.

    EDIT: Still a few touches of shading will be needed on this one, that shoulder in particular.


    Time: 30 minutes
    Music: Petrified
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