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    Default Re: Things I May No Longer Do While Playing III: I May Not Iron Heart Surge Rule Zero

    Quote Originally Posted by Socratov View Post
    you know that with munchkinry is the fact that in these kind of worlds everyone becomes pun-pun...
    One Kobold actually did that. The Creator (Who in this setting is literally the personification of whoever is Dming) used his "Rule 0" power to limit the Kobold's power. The Kobold is now a wandering trickster who challenges people to riddle and mind games and gives them a taste of his power if they win. (Think Mr. Myxzlpk from Superman)

    Funny story the PC's once challenged him to "who can stay awake the longest" (the kobold isn't an outsider after having his power removed)...he didn't realize that the monk "Arma" was a VERY well crafted warforged. So they won and he gave everyone a free stat boost.

    Creators Power

    Rule 0: The creator may alter and change the rules of existence at will, the creator is constantly experimenting with new rules and laws of the universe. When a creature becomes too powerful that it is threatening the greater good of the world, the creator may step in. In exchange for this power however, the creator does not have spare power to give to clerics. This power cannot be duplicated or stolen in anyway.

    - I may not create an epic spell that can kill Ao in order to blackmail him into removing the wall of the faithless.
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