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    [Place of Xerga, Wherever That May Be]

    The barbarian might notice an eight-foot tall Kzin, with black and gold banded fur, wearing a shortsword on his belt, along with a rather large machine-pistol, and a beam rifle on his back, approaching her,

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    The Lover's Children

    Kuko's a curious chap. He'll scamper on in without much serious thought. He'll look around for someone who doesn't seem to be doing much of anything, then ask for directions to the best scholarly authority on the Goddess.
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    [The Lover's Children]

    Ashley follows Kuko into the building, and looks around to see the inside of it.

    [The Ghost Lover's Children]

    The would probably be the black-haired woman wearing a silver shirt, midnight blue pants, and a dark grey cloak, siting on the bench.

    "That would probably be Karissa Gaelthem... So through those doors over there on the left, most likely."

    The inside of the building is done in much the same style as the outside, with a fair number of people milling about; overall it bears more resemblance to an open castle than a church.


    Keeper shrugs, keeping quiet for now, as he really doesn't know any more than Krystal, and sees no point in saying so.
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