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Lakeside - Tomorrow

"I'm afraid not, and I'm going to have to decline that offer. 'Anything interesting' is a bit vague, and I'm not one for deals with ill defined terms. Force of habit, you know? 55/45 even, without anyone getting first pick. With me paying you back for all that chocolate out of my share, it will probably be more even than you'd think.

And besides, you're forgetting my finder's fee. I'm paying you to be hired muscle here, and you're asking for a better deal? For shame hun, for shame."
Julie *tsks* sharply, shaking her head. Is she going to have to teach him his place in this?

She actually hopes not. Losing Justin as a friend and compatriate isn't worth haggling over specific bits of loot. Julie has too few friends willing to lend her a hand as it is.

Not that she lets those emotions bleed through though. Professionalism first.
Lakeside - Tomorrow

Justin gets a shocked look on his face, clutches at his collar and turns his shoulder to Julie. "So in the end you only wanted me for my body!? I thought we were something more than that!" Returning to his normal position, "Assuming the 'Finder's Fee' is already covered in your half, I've got no problem with that." Seems he agrees with that.