I can't think of any role that could benefit from targeting me, but of course I don't know the roles in this game.

I agree, the Hangman should kill RuneboundShade if he doesn't talk and if we don't find a wolf. But I feel we just have, so good news everyone!

Sir Ebonwolf, why are you lying? I'm sure you are at this point. Prove me wrong and I'll make sure you'll be safe from the wolves tonight. What other information have you gathered?

Also I feel we're getting three Marauder claims from either Elemental (please no), &we, or Vesth. I'm willing to bet Elemental was telling the truth and I'm reaching on &we's statement, but Vesth also felt like he was lying.

Anyone else have any suspicions? I really want to start figuring this game out, we gotta get the information we need to win. Let's do this.