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I'm away from my books at the moment but in one of the early HH novels Horus relates how he has a ring that used to be the Emperor's from the ancient middle east. In Mechanicum the Emperor is shown as St George fighting the dragon.
I have a vague recollection of the Emperor, or someone else talking, about his origin and it being the shaman one. Can someone with access to the 5th ed BRB have a look at the timeline?
It is possible I'm having edition leakage here, 20+ years of background'll do that to you, but there are certainly plenty of hints and clues that the Emperor has been around since pre-history.
There are other histories stated in the HH books, I was just quoting the most recent one that was stuck in my head. I don't believe the shaman version is mentioned, though. Especially not by Him personally. Could be he's just one stylishly immortal human. Or maybe he's none of the above and just cashing in on the rep. (Hella unlikely)