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Thread: Fixing SKR's Feat Point System

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airanath View Post
    I am still trying to break down the pricings properly, but from what I see I like the idea, I would help if I can get the hang of how it works.
    You can follow the link for SKR's ideas on pricing. Strangely enough, the ideas themselves are mostly good, it's just how he applies them that's borked. Apply a bit of common sense and they should serve you well. Mostly, though, I just eyeballed:

    • 10 FP: this feat is excellent, a high priority for any relevant characters
    • 8 FP: this feat opens up some new tactical possibilities or expands existing ones significantly
    • 6 FP: this feat is decent, but the sort of thing you'd otherwise pass over for lack of feat slots
    • 4 FP: this feat is weak, and generally not worth thinking about except for highly specialized builds
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