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Thread: Fixing SKR's Feat Point System

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
    I think you've mostly followed this a bit too slavishly, without allowance for extra benefits or limitations. For instance, Manyshot does open up some additional possibilities, but it also limits precision damage. So an 8 point score is too high. On the other hand, in some cases you've ignored those considerations. As an example, Two-Weapon Fighting doesn't meet the qualification for its high rank. Anyone (even a level 1 Commoner) wielding a second weapon can make an additional attack as part of a full attack; the feat only reduces the associated penalties without creating any new possibilities.
    I agree about Manyshot, and I'll reduce it a little. It's still good though, so I think I'll leave it at a 7 for now unless someone else complains.

    As for TWF, I think most characters would be hard-pressed to use two weapons sans feat and not end up in "flurry of misses" territory. It's also a significant stepping stone for those who do happen to have good sources of precision damage per-hit. And, as the note says, the Improved/Greater ones are now dirt cheap, making TWF as a style noticeably better. I'll keep it where it is now, unless more chime in supporting a lower grade for it.
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