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Mostly because I am the DM and I have no idea. It could also happen if you were under some submission deadline and the DM couldn't be reached promptly, or if you just want to build the character and have it ready to go without having a specific campaign to build it for, but with the ability to slot it right into any "first level, RAW only" campaign.
This is not a RAW answer, because as indicated, this information is not provided anywhere I have been able to find. However, I would suggest that you look at the class and see what it "equates" to, and use that class's starting gold; or use the race's favored class as the starting gold. For example, the elf paragon class explicitly refers to wizard, so use wizard starting gold. Halfling paragon resembles rogue, and should use that. Human's don't have a favored class, but the class advances casting with a d8 hit die, so I'd suggest cleric. I hope this helps.