I'm really really glad you liked them, Mauve. ^_^ I wish the more normal uniform on the right was more unique rather than basically just reusing your normal pose for the visual gag, but oh well. I'll probably rework it one day.

And here is the set of Masquerade Vampires I made for Alucard!
{table]|Toreador Alucard. The artist. I kinda ignored the easel more than I should have
|Giovanni Alucard. Sooo cliched. x.x
|Follower of Set Alucard. The hieroglyphs spell Alucard
|Assamite Alucard. Doesn't his outfit remind you of Luke Skywalker? I didn't realize I had done that
|Lasombra Alucard. So charming, and cliched. I like the shadow effect a lot
|Nosferatu Alucard. This was fun. Didn't spend hardly any time on the outfit though
|Ventrue Alucard. The CEO. I love the glasses
|Ravnos Alucard. Card-shark idea. Kinda cheesy but I like it anyway
|Brujah Alucard. Punk-rock anarchist. Hell yeah!
|Tremere Alucard. Probably my favorite suit from the bunch, and the hat came out very nicely.
|Gangrel Alucard. Wild. It was the easiest to make for some reason.
|Tzimisce Alucard. Took me a couple of attempts before I got this right. I love the hands. The mouth isn't creepy-big enough
|Malkavian Alucard. Sooo crazy. My favorite to work on.[/table]

And a handful more requests!
{table]|These are the Ossified Torpedoes, the drunkest gunmen gang I know! Made for usourselves&we to go with our Swinger's era Werewolf game
|Skyrim avatar, a Redguard in Orkish armour for t209
|Roland the Gunslinger from the Dark Tower series. made for Vilpich
|This is Mauve (as seen above) in a Deep Space 9 uniform. Using some kind of phaser. I sadly don't know much about Star Trek to give further details
|This is Mirror Mauve holding what I think is an alien (Romulan?) rifle. Totally tough[/table]

So yeah! Still taking any critisism/advice! Lemme know what you think!