I have my lease at the Bazaar

This was my first big grind. It was both better and worse than I feared.

This week, while becoming POSI and getting my lease a ton of stuff opened up for me. I feel I have lots of new and exciting choices everywhere I look. Wilmot's end, Newspaper, POSI stuff to do (zub, sedan chair, fight the rat-legion, get a club, etc.) and other stuff that I've been waiting until my level was a bit more appropriate - deeper into Mahogany hall, the Labyrinth, etc. Not to mention I've barely touched the Court material, but my persuasive should now be able to handle that.

So, I'm wondering if anyone else felt the pacing of the overall game was a bit skewed. I doubt anyone who was waiting around at the stat limit for new material would feel this way, but for those who had 0 to 130 up and running when we started, I think the material is a tad light between 40-60 and 80-100. (Watchful seemed the best balanced, however).

From about levels 40 to 60 I was getting bored. Nothing new, if I did open up a new area, I wasn't yet up to snuff to do anything, and all the OP cards that came my way seemed to be almost impossible stuff. Then, 80 to 100 was a bit frustrating too. Trying to work your way to POSI but quickly finding that you've repeatedly done the things available to you or the ton of things you can just access and haven't done yet are a bit out of your league.

Maybe it was just me, but now that I'm POSI, I have a list of things I want to do so long I started a spreadsheet to help me keep track of what I need. Whereas, just about 8 to 10 days ago I started to grind for my lease because there really wasn't anything else level appropriate to do but wait for POSI to unfold.