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Are you trying to antagonize me into working harder?
He does that. And it's actually more effective than I'd care to admit.

I deserve this, really. Yeah, there are a lot of threads dangling. As I've already said, I'm drawing a series of eight pictures, and allowing myself to get distracted by other things while doing so. I'm going to finish all eight sketches before starting colouring any of them. This is in part because I intended to use these pictures to test out Paint tool SAI and I wanted to make the most out of the free trial (I can't buy it any time soon, as I don't have a proper personal computer t install it on anymore and probably wont have for a while).
My few remaining grievances with SAI vanished once I figured out how to install custom brushes, now as far as I'm concerned it's the program I'm going to spend the next two or more years with. Good luck acquiring a proper PC!