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Stunts 1 and 2 do not account for "quality". 1-dies are stunts where you describe your action better than "I hit it". 2-dies are stunts where you do it better than "i hit it" and use or somehow edit the environment.
They are supposed to be spammable and easy. Only 3s are hard to get.
If you're going to go by the book, at least actually go by the book.

1 Dies ARE just describing it better than "I punch it", but 2 Dies are just have to do that and use the environment to your advantage.

By the core rulebook, all you need to do to get a 3 Die stunt is change the environment somehow in the action of punching a dude in the face. Otherwise known as "being a Solar Hero Stylist."

But all of this ignores the most important rule in Exalted: If you don't like how the rules work in a situation, change them. When I'm ST, if my players don't mildly impress either the group or me with their stunt, they're not getting anything above a 1-die.