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"Hmm...a tale to speak, a tale to weave, a tale of ours to seek? You seem like a rather queer fellow, with your cryptic clues and ideas, but it's all rather fasinating..."

Lost in thought, the cane spun, and glimmered, transforming back into a bow while the instrument left the case once more.

"But for the priest to die, that deserves a mourning , don't you think?"

The bow slid across the instrument, a sorrowful tune dancing through the still air.
Leshi Seasinger smiled, stepping out of the mist, and into the strange gathering. Or rather, into the section of the mist that was close enough to the other members of it to be seen, since there really wasn't an 'out of the mist' in this place...

"A mourning, perhaps, but not the whole day, which is what people seem to be devoting to him. Not that I particularly care if others want to waste their time grieving, but it's rather dull to hear nothing but the same subject, and the same words on it, no matter where I go..."