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[Ilpholin's Office - The Hatteress]

"Would you be capable of training others to use starfighters or is that out of reach?" You'd need to be in space and have some giant starfighter carrier or something to learn those Ilph imagines.
Privacy! Woohoo!

[Ilpholin's Office - The Hatteress]

Roxanne nods thrice in response! *Nodnodnod!*

"Yeah. I'm able do that. That's an easily attainable objective, actually. I'll just need to commission a couple of sim chambers from Kohan, see. He'll probably let me borrow them for awhile. Gives me yards of leeway in terms of personal property, he does."

Probably because they're related in that they're alt-universe copies of one another!

"Then we'll need to manufacture a fleet of ships for the cadets to make use of. Mechanical ones. Don't think the organics would take to newcomers so quickly."

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[Main Room]

"Don't go with any psycho things. I don't think 'able to rule all' makes you more sane. After all I just act as life asked me to."

And then she mentiones operation.

"Eh why would I ever want to go under a knife? It's not like this thing is a secound skin over my normal one. So what did you think to do with me?"
[Main Room]

Able to rule all? Like, the one ring to rule them all! Neato! The precious! I must has the precious!

The variable of Clarissa's sanity has been struck out of the equation in her mind. Indeed, she may have mental problems, but it isn't like she'd be the one tinkering with Zefir's mind were psychic aid enlisted for this project.

"Really, Zefir?"

Clarissa chortles.

"Did you think that I, Clarissa, could wave my magic wand and suddenly, poof, you'd be returned to your initial state? I could probably try, but where's the fun in that?"

Clarissa shakes her head from side to side mirthfully. She might be toying with Zefir, but she's certainly abiding by an unshakable law of this world. You can't get something for nothing. Not under normal circumstances among miserly people, anyway.

"And it isn't like that'd be monotonously easy peasy lemon squeezy for me either. We could try dispelling the magic and working on whittling down its effects to dna alone, but when I'm tweaking your dna, I don't want to use my own personal brand of magic. Sure, it would probably turn you back into the Zefir I knew before your accident, kind of, but something else might go awry and you could end up with what could be considered a societal taboo to some. If you're okay with, say, craving human flesh for the remainder of your life or perhaps sprouting a set of extra arms, we could try to solve your problem with my chaotic magic! Otherwise, you need surgery."

Clarissa's magical gifts always seem to have a corrupting side-effect accompanying them to be resisted in one way or another.