Bwuh? Ah, I thought you had already gone to bed, happy surprises!

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Hurray! I was getting worried because everyone else who's ever took a swing at my challenge has failed before hitting day 200.

It's been making me think that I might be inherently awesome after all. And you don't want a Thanqol who is convinced that he is better than you in a way that you can't even compete with.
Personal goal is to make 731 days./secret (Maybe I'll even succeed in updating daily again, who knows)

I like this but I think that jowl-cheek-line-thingy is slightly off.
Possibly, I might have exaggerated it.

I really like her mane.
He is back, by popular demand!

I do really like this. As a thing.

Malevolent! I do like this even if I have no idea what that background thing is. An aqueduct over a submarine? Also, is he gripping a pillow?
It is a submarine. He is clutching a captain's cap. Hmm, hopefully it'll show better in colour.

Feel like her feet should be slightly splayed outwards more. That inward facing thing is unstable and bad for your knees.
Really? You learn something new every day.

Maybe imagination, but not enough flank? Lips are a bit feminine if it's a boy.
Possibly, but I was actually going for a unusually thin frame in this one. And yes, it is a boy, so I might change the lips.

Good luck with SAI!
Yup. If this doesn't work I'll either try Domo's suggestion or just bust out the watercolours.