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I'll be there.

In fact, I may really be there by October. Well, more in Bethesda than Baltimore, but close enough. Here's hoping.
Bethesda is super close still, and really nice. Are you in the market to move there? Are you contemplating working for the NIH, per chance? Suffice to say, if either of these is true, this will be awesome.

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Mark down Kyrian, Erin, and little Gracie as "We will see about attending, but apparently these new babies cost money..."

I'm going to try though :D
I know I texted you earlier, but you were probably still a little busy at the time, so...

Congratulations! (I was beginning to wonder if you were serious about Erin being pregnant. Wasn't Gracie due like ten days ago? )

Also, I'm working on the assumption that since you're posting/texting and seem to be in a good mood that mommy is fine too?