Initially, love it.
The net looks like a dress or garment of some sort. There's a faint corona of clear air about the head which, in line with the descending guide lines (which I expect would be light?) does a damn fine job of guiding the eye. Everything from the boobs up is dynamic and gorgeous, though when I zoom in the right hand gets a bit wonky.

The left leg looks odd to me, but I'm starting to think that may be a base difference in our preferred rendering of structure. There's nothing wrong with the legs - hay, a lot I envy - but they aren't how I would do them. Or could do them. Lot of trouble, legs.

The background and landscape are also really good. The cliff, the house, the birds the clouds, the sea... Celestia, the Sea! I'm envious.

Quite the switch. Everything from the breasts down I want to dissect. The legs are just so, the hands look fantastic. The top hand seems like it is too flat but color could fix that. It's a matter of depth as much as position.

The room. The layout, I admire your composition. Spartan and functional. Not sparse, but not excessive. The piano, *the painting. Marvelous. The stool looks like it put up a fight.

The window is rather plain, but that seems intentional? Drawing the eye where it needs to go. The face gave you trouble, you said. I think it was less the face and more framing. The shoulders, the next and head are in the wrong positions, and it throws off the composition. The face and hair look good to me, but I know how unsatisfying real faces are, with their lines and wrinkles. There's something to be said for life drawing. We can't all be models.

Looked silly until the trees on the right resolved themselves. Nice depth.

The right leg is too long. The knee is too low to the ground, and throws off the balance below a bit. May have been stylistic, as sometimes one changes small details to avoid conflict with other small details; I think the proper knee would be too close to the cane? You work with a lot of open space, so the cane may have muddled the issue.

And I can't help but think I'm checking out a guy, which makes me sheepish