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I've been meaning to ask, d'ya have a name, Blur? The Doctor asked, keeping his eyes peeled as he slithered in. Last I got a chance to talk with a Blur you called yourself by an object's name and then a number or letter. Personal favorite was this one guy called Flower E. His eyes narrowed. Might wanna cover your noses down here - corpses and all. Any magic lights, perchance? I don't need 'em but it should be pretty dark for yall - second thought, just grab my tail. He extended it back, looping up into each of their hands. I can lead. Just don't squeeze. It feels icky.
Nureen raised her hand and conjured a faintly glowing orb into existence.
Do be kind to Marren Doctor. He's obviously done something to violate Belsheroth's trust in him. You also wield god given power, you must know what may happen if you overstep your boundaries.
She had spoken very softly so that Marren would not overhear. A task made much easier now that he no longer had the benefits of divine magic to supplement his failing hearing.