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    In my experience 90% of lag is player side. Playing on high population servers in WoW, DDO, Rift (short period) and Rappelz, I've only had server side lag issues in Rappelz, a very poorly managed MMO. If a game like GW2 cant handle the load then I wont be sticking around long anyways.

    But being on a low-population server in no way improves game play. Shouting for PUGs takes longer, less quality players, weak AH, economic issues and weaker PvP are all huge detriments for low-population servers. I would rather have the possible issue of lag (which would just be a marker that GW2 is not ready for primetime) then deal with the issues of a low population server.
    Neither of those are going to be issues as the economy is worldwide (meaning cross server AH, etc). So the economy and AH should even out overall without much effort by anyone.
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