It's a sub-plot. I call it a mini-arc because it's a mini arc within a mini arc within an overarching plot. Plot-arcception. That's how I roll.

And no, Ahriman isn't supposed to say that. Bad Alakazam! No stealing the reality-destroying eldrich abomination's lines!


As for the image zoom thing, those are all Imageshack links I can all but guarantee you. Because Imageshack is being completely retarted. I used (past tense) Imageshack for comics with file sizes larger than 1 meg but I switched to (which I LOVE) before the zoom-in problem.

I think i'll have to re-upload every comic I uploaded in imageshack. I can re-upload every comic as old as Comic 340. As for anything's a tentative "maybe." Stay tuned for further information.