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Thread: [FWM] OOC 3: Eccentric Cheerilee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Muse View Post
    But, like Luna said, they'll immediately know him when they see him, and his enemies won't be too thrilled to see him.

    Unless you just decide to use him as the Worf of course.
    ehh, most of the mooks would be, elite ones would go berserk like "CHALLENGE!!!!11", high ranking ones would just be like "meh derp"

    But if he's actually as dangerous as he looks (to me, it looks like giant pac-man, just with the army instead of dots) ....yeah he'd be worf'd, he could curb-stomp the bad guys and then there'd be no fun, unless I'm let to give the dark army black dragons, so it could get distracted by them and then there would be another fun fight ; but otherwise, open for suggestions

    ....but just asking right now, is the town actually siegable? not right now, but several days, around 2 or 3? or would all the fight have to be somewhere else?
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