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Also Kelbor-Hal, Arik Taranis, Eldrad, Malagor the Sigilight, Drago (by all rights this guy should be dead), Avatars of the Eldar Gods (Though those things are basically greater deamons anyway) and Vect.
Malagor's dead (assuming I'm thinking of the right person), I don't know a whole lot about Eldrad except he's from Ulthwe and I don't know who any of the rest of those are. But if we're going to talk about Avatars (only one kind of which I know actually exists) we might as well include the actual chaos gods

@Starsign: Someone correct me if I'm wrong: Apothecaries only treat other space marines (they're specialists, they only can treat space marines. Like how a doctor can treat a human but not... oh, say a puppy. They could guess, but since they don't know precisely how the other's body works...), and that particular device is the Emperor's Peace - euthanasia applies to the temple for a marine who's going to die but is doing it slowly.