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    Default Re: Well That Was Unexpected Thread II: Now with 230% more lasers!

    Quote Originally Posted by blackjack217 View Post
    Kelbor was the head of the Admech during the Heresy. He apparently survived and then did nothing for 10k years. (This is actually quite common)
    Arik was the head of the thunder warriors and survived the culling (after the conquest of Earth the big E turned on the thunder warriors and had them effectivly wiped out, presumably by the Custodes) and then gained immortality during the heresy then dropped off the grid.
    Eldrad is the most powerful Eldar pysker. Widely considered a jerk.
    Drago is a super special grey knight paladin.
    Vect is the head of the Dark Eldar.
    Yeah, pretty much more-or-less this. I have absolutely no idea who Malagor the Sigilight is. There's Malcador the Sigillite, but he only got to 200 years. 300 tops.

    Remember, I can't get to all of your questions at once. I would like to eventually get to at least most of them.
    Also, I should let you in on one of my plans: As fellow members of the 10,000 Years Old Club, Brother-Custodian Sereyentheous is giving each of the 4 Chaos Champions a comic in Ask the Custodes, each one corresponding to the sacred number of their respective God.
    So Ask the Custodes 6 will be hosted by Lucius the Eternal
    AtC 7: Typhus the Traveler
    AtC 8: Kharn the Betrayer
    AtC 9: Ahriman the....guy who doesn't get a title
    And just to make it fair, AtC 10 will be given to Abaddon the Despoiler.
    You can direct your questions or commands to one or any of the Champions, but bear in mind they will only be able to answer one question.

    ANYWAYS...Comic 541

    Questions? Comments? Critique?
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