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I can't help but notice that you haven't done much art in the last 4 days. 'sup?
OH FINE, MUM You know I love you Domo.

Yeah, I should. Let's try doing this again.

Day 185-I-don't-even-care (the fifteenth of January will be day number 367, we can start counting again then)

So just a quickie today.

If I go missing without explanation for more than two days again just challenge/insult/plead/lure/guilt/shame me out of hiding, please.

Do you guys want to see the things I was drawing while I was being obtuse and silent?

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I went through that period recently. A perceived decline leads to less and less effort going in which forms a self-sustaining cycle. Persisted more or less from Day 400 to 440.

Honestly, it's got the same fix as writing: If you don't challenge yourself and don't do new things then it won't be fun. Do the things you want to do; do the crazy experiments or splashes of colour that are still way beyond you but are fun anyway. Draw something funny!

Be passionate about what you do, whatever you do.
I think I lost what little I gained in anatomy so I want to focus on that (or at least as focused as it gets in here). But I'll throw in something or other else too.

Join the ATG; ponies, daily themes, and deadlines. It's got me to get off my ass and produce four fully coloured and backgrounded pictures in a row.
I don't think I will, if it isn't for someone else I usually don't feel the urge to draw ponies.