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Leo's cheeks flushed all over again, but this time he held his head high. I won on my first try! Against one of her Arcanines pups, and Piri Piri didn't even get hurt! Thanks, I've been here enough that if I didn't know hou to use the arena, I'd be slower than a slowpoke. Is the growlithe going to be ok?

Piri Piri walked right up to Leo and held out his hand. Leo grinned, and pulled out a pepper from his pocket and handed it to the little pokemon. You deserve it! Piri Piri, that was absolutely amazing! Piri Piri grinned himself, and greedily ate the pepper and held out his hand for mor. Later, tell you what, I'll have my mom make you some food, and by mew, she is the best cook you will ever meet.

Looking up at Halle again, Leo said His appetite is bigger than mine, I dread to think what it'll be like when he evolves! If it's ok with Piri Piri, can I use him as my starter? He glanced at the Darumaka, his eyes full of hope.
Halle is clearly impressed by your connection with Piri Piri. "I think he'd love to be your starter, so long as you keep feeding him well! Allow me a moment to say goodbye, please." She crouches down by the Darumaka and playfully pokes it a few times before laughing and standing back up. "He's all yours, Leo. And the Growlithe will be fine, no need to worry. I think you actually taught my pokemon a thing or two about strategy today. Ah, I have some things for you before you go." She walks off to another part of the gym and returns with a satchel full of unidentified presents. She takes them out one at a time to hand to you with a short explanation.

"This here's your most important companion aside from your pokemon. It's called a Pokedex, though I'm sure you already knew that. It'll scan and record information about new Pokemon you come across, so be sure to always keep it handy! After all, you can't research everything yourself, can you Leo?

And this is a Pokegear. It can tell the time, make phone calls, show you where you are, all sorts of things! It's like your own personal assistant, plus it's solar powered so it'll basically always work. Just be sure to charge up before you venture into Elrem Forest, it's always dark in there.

I also want to make sure you're set on supplies for a bit. Here's three potions, three enriched water bottles, and three pokeballs. Try your best to make each one count, alright?

And here's a TM for you as well. This one contains Incinerate, a relatively weak but useful long range fire move that will prevent opposing pokemon from being able to eat any berries they were holding onto. You only get one shot with it, so choose wisely!

Lastly, I have a Cheri Berry for Piri Piri to hold himself. If he ever gets paralyzed, this berry will perk him right up to full speed. Plus it's spicy just the way he likes it.

Well, that's all the stuff I have for you, Leo. Is there anything else you feel you might need before you set off?"
Halle flips her hair and looks at you with a pleasant smile.