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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Situation View Post
    Though he was slightly unnerved by the frightening ghost Pokemon, Nikolas did as Avu directed. He aimed his Pokedex at each Pokemon and pushed the appropriate button, letting the device spin and whir a bit before pulling up windows of information about the Pokemon he had just scanned. Looking at the move lists of each Pokemon he could see why Scraggy had been the best match up. Fortunately he had not picked Misdreavus.

    "W-well, I guess I should get going. TMs don't pick themselves up, heh."

    He slung the newly heavy bag over his shoulder and bent down to pick up the Abra to carry in his arms. Judging from the fight, the small Pokemon didn't look like a strong walker.

    "Goodbye Avu, and again, thank you,"
    he said with a small unsure nod.
    Avu returns the nod and waves goodbye as you leave. "Come back when you have enough badges, and we'll have ourselves a real fight!"

    You get outside and are temporarily blinded by the light. Avu keeps his gym fairly dark.
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