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    Nikolas climbed down the steps on the platform, settling into the new found weight in his arms with every step, taking care not to shift too suddenly. "Before I take you to the Pokemon Center to heal you, let's check the back for that TM Avu was talking about, okay?"

    The Abra lazily says it's name, "Abra," and melts into Nikolas' arms to get comfortable.

    "Heh, I guess I'll take that as a yes."

    He exits the building and immediately shields his eyes from the sudden appearance of light. Before long though, he reaches the back of the building and begins his search for the TM Avu had hinted at. He puts Orobas down on a comfortable spot along with his bag and begins to search. The sooner he got out of the town the less likely he would have to deal with his father.
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