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Leo took a deep breath, and prepared himself. Thank you, Halle. Also, I was wondering if I could have yo- At that moment Piri Piri belched loudly, flames shooting from his mouth. And I think Piri Piri just learned incinerate. I really want to use it on him as a thank you gift, so could I have a different one? If not, its alright, I understand. Also, can I visit the safari zone now? As a trainer, not a tourist? I know it's too early for the danger zone, but still. His eyes shone in anticipation.

Then he got a nervous again. Also, could I ... could I have your pokegear number? He said the second part very fast. You know, in case I have any questions about being a trainer. He flushed bright red again, hoping nobody laughed.
"Oh!" Halle gasps at Piri Piri flaming belch. "Why indeed he did. In that case, let me exchange that TM I gave you with this one." She takes it back and pulls out another from her pocket. "This contains Sunny Day, which will make the sun shine especially bright over the battlefield, boosting the power of fire type attacks like that one."

She hears your question about the Safari Zone and thinks for a second before responding, "I'm sorry Leo, I can't recommend you enter the Safari Zone as a trainer quite yet. Maybe come back when you have a few badges? I'd just hate for you to get hurt in there because I bent the rules to let you in."

She smiles at your last question. "Of course, Leo. I'm here to help whenever you need advice." You can't tell if she knows why you really asked, but you can bet that everyone else in the gym does.

"Well, good luck! There's a whole world out there waiting to be found. Keep your pokemon happy and they'll do the same for you. Hope you come back for a real battle someday, Leo."