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    In retrospection, Nikolas probably had been planning to enter the gym half cocked. He smiled though, happy that Avu had yet again given him another chance. To think, he had almost forgotten his prized memento. He didn't want to know how Avu had known about it, but thought it better than to ask too many questions.

    He crumples the note, as well as the picture, and stuffs it into his pants pocket. The bit about the murderer was worrying but it wasn't as if Avu was sending him in to fight the man. He internalized the picture, to ready himself in case he ever saw the man. Finished with that, Nikolas looks down at the bundle in his arms and speaks to Orobas, "Good news. You'll get to see my house after all."

    Without risking being caught by his father, Nikolas returned to the grand, if dusty home, that had been in his father's family for generations. No one lived there anymore, saved he and his father, and until they had moved back in, there were rumors going around that the building was haunted. The creaking and groaning of the ancient plumbing did not do much to help in that regard. Sometimes he wondered if the house really was haunted. But if he really had to say, a lot of the houses in Orum seemed to be haunted. A side-effect of living in a Pokemon graveyard he supposed. Luckily he had Orobas to help him out.

    Sensing his trainer's apprehension, Orobas yips its name excitedly, allaying Nikolas' fears yet again.
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