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    Quote Originally Posted by CosmicOccurence View Post
    Don't touch anything Piri. He then took the pokemon to the back room, inhaling deeply. He loved the smell of this place, and it was as much of a home to him as his bedroom was.

    Mom I passed! he yelled when he saw her. On my first try too. Halle said that it's too early for me to go to the Safari zone, but I passed. I'm a leauge member now! Oh and this is Piri Piri, the Darumaka I told you about. He did a great job, and I told him he could have some of your spicy tea. He rambled, before having to take a deep breath from lack of oxygen.

    Leo glanced back to see if the Darumaka had followed him in.
    Your mother is positively beaming back at you and runs over to hug you, knocking over a bowl of some peppers on the way. "That's wonderful, darling! I'm so proud of you. Spicy tea, coming right up." She rushes over to whip up some tea for your Darumaka, who already has his hands full of the peppers on the floor. He looks up at you. "Maka?"
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