First system
Alch 325 used to lighten systems, assuming factor of 4 results in 1/4 the bulk.
Needs a Demi-plane with a large battery in the center. This bot slowly expands the demi-plane while also creating sub-spaces on the demi-plane with a light source and a gold in, which are all linked back to the battery at the center of the demi-plane.
It needs two specialists to build, but they need only be level 7 in their respective disciplines. If the Yggdratecture specialist is Level 14, you can cut all times in half.

Generator Generator
(Orthagonal Engine 13.5 bulk, 6 ebb in, 100 push out
Silver Out (True Creation) Bulk 2, 8 ebb in, 3000 xp, 1 cu. ft. block of copper out
Silver out (Continual Flame) Bulk2, 2 ebb in, 2500 gp, light source out.
Heuristical Circuit
Abnormal Behavior (YGGD 241, YGGD 353) semi-space with link to demiplane, 2 hour, 1 ebb in
Abnormal Behavior (HEUR 101) Builds circuit, 1 hour, 1 ebb in
Abnormal Behavior (ALCH 286) Transforms Copper to Gold, 2 hours, 1 ebb in
Abnormal Behavior (ACRD 204) Truns gold into gold input, 1 hour, 1 ebb in
Uncanny Cosmology semi-space linking bot to battery

2 hour run time via concurrency, 2 ebb/s^2 production, 19616 ebb per cycle, 38000 start up ebb needed for full efficency
Breaks even after 14 hours of runtime, million ebb surplus after 42 hours)