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You gotta be wondering who's on the bad guys side for the BAT. I mean the Outsiders sure, but who amongst the earthly races wants it all to end?
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Who's on the Bad Guy's Side? Everyone who sides themselves with the Outsiders. Cowl, Justin (DED dead, like Harry) and their ilk. Unless Cowl and Kumori are revealed to be time travelling Harry and Molly.
I'm betting our friend Ferrovax will be showing up quite a bit. As he could drop Harry with but a fraction of one word of his True Name, he's quite powerful.

According to the Wikis, Butcher has said that Ferrovax is not just any old dragon, but more like Nidhogg, gnawing on the roots of the World Tree. Just as well, it mentions that in a three way fight between the Leansidhe, the Eldest Gruff, and Ferrovax, that the latter would "curbstomp" the other two...