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    As Hinami's order to kill rings out, Amon's heart skips a beat. It's all she can do it that single moment of facing death to let out some of her bubbling rage - "Oh, you antagonising hussy, I'll -!" When the situation evolves further though, and she is left alive as the two flee, it's all she can do to keep her head down and keep healing, hoping to not draw anyone's ire.

    Once the two enemies make good their escape, Amon holds back tears as she tries to speak, no words forming at first. A great shame weighs heavily in her heart, of failure. One tactical decision on her part may have cost them the entire fight - if she'd just incapacitated the leaf-nin in some way rather than trying to claim glory by helping Cybele they may have won by now... She continues her healing in sullen silence as another jolt of healing sets in.

    After 5 rounds, probably just after negotiations have closed out and the two depart, Yukiko heals an additional (1d4+1)[4] HP

    Then again, i know we were bending the rules a bit in haviung her be healed at all while unconscious, so as a compromise I decided to write in that I essentially can't raise her above -1 HP (or 0 HP) at your discretion. Either way, she's not back on her feet is the point, which seems more or less in keeping with the intent of the technique, so I thought it would be okay.

    "I'm sorry, sensei," she says in the direction she thinks Cybele lies as the sand-genin gather around her. "If I'd kept a cooler head, if I'd been stronger, Yukiko wouldn't have gotten hurt and... and they wouldn't have had a hostage to... I'm so stupid..." She tries to look up, only to see the worrying gaze of Sojuro and having her shame compound once more. Sniffing, she admires her handiwork a bit. "She'll.... she'll be fine. This technique isn't quite designed for getting people back on their feet like this, but... she's certainly stable. She'll make it, just get her some bedrest." As she speaks in her doctor-like voice, she forces herself to calm down a bit more, lest her sorrow eke into those that need it least.

    Amon at last stands. "T-trust me." She clears her throat. "She'll be fine - any furtehr healing on my part now would just slow her long-term recovery. Get her a bit away from the fire and -" She stops, taken aback as she looks to Cybele, and finding her gone. "No... dammit..." Breathing deep to keep herself calm, she turns to the sand-genin, putting on a smile and some attempt at bedside manner. "I'll leave her in your care, loverboy." Before her guise of calm breaks, she turns to face her teammates.

    "She ran off," she says, trying to pull them a little out of Sojuro's earshot - he had enough to worry about. "She's our only potential link back to this mysterious organisation and the only one caapable of posing those two a threat. Best case scenario is that she gave chase, but that's hardly favourable - she looked to be in an oddly bad way." She makes to give further evaluation, of her not waiting to receive healing for her exhaustion at Amon's hand before making off, but she suddenly finds her mouth very dry. Her strategies had been failing her all night, so perhaps shutting up for once would be best. If I were that smart, I would have slit Yusa's throat while we were travelling. Could you imagine the look on Hinami's face when she turns around and finds her comrade - leader even - bleeding to death, killed by a lowly genin. Giving a sick laugh on the inside, she stumbles, her knees buckling as she falls back, flat on her back.

    I guess we'll just stay at an inn in this town and hope Cybele comes back in the morning. Wait, I guess the soldier pills make sleeping imposible. But we can't be splitting up and Yukiko's in no travelling condition. Maybe if I stick my hand down my throat I can coax myself to throw the pill up, ha. I'm certainly mentally checked out, it would be nice to match that with a fluffy bed. If Cybele isn't bach by morning, I guess we'll leave a note and try t get back to Sogakure before something bad happens. Wait, what if just the sky-nin returned - backup would arrive by morning easily then, of course! From the ground, she simply lies, spread out like a star, her prosphetic fingers twitching as if itchy. "I'm not attentive or fast enough to find Cybele, nor smart enough to know what i should do if I did find her. The best we can do is... well I guess help get this fire out. I'm fairly certain everyone was dead, but I still started this fire, I think, so I might as well help put it out before it spreads to the rest of the town. Wait, there may be important evidence within!" The sudden idea stiking her, Amon springs back to her feet.

    Amon looks over the inn, about ready to jump in and drag out a body or two for autopsy, before the second floor falls on top of the first. Well, they're not getting any more destroyed than they are right now. Shifting her bandana around to the lower half of her face to shield from the smoke and let her golden bangs hang free for the first time all day, she goes to join the bucket line. "Next mission, I must remember to earn some sort of fire-extinguishing technique." Amon does everything in her power to help the townsfolk put out the flames.

    "Hey, Yousuke, you're the fastest. By my estimate, if you run, you should be able to get back to sogakure in maybe two hours. If you do that, you should be able to get another jounin or two out here - our sensei is at best missing and at worst..." the events of teh night had made her look upon everyone as a potential traitor in her delirium, a condition she becomes aware of at that moment as she reels it back. "Either way, 6 genin are not capable of handling this, so if you could be a dear and do that, that'd be swell."

    Once the major flames of the building are extinguished, Amon treads lightly to not disturb the already tattered inn's structure as she looks around for any signs of life. Or indeed corpses. Either would be fine for her purposes - even 1 corpse would be fine and she's certain there must be many. If there are none, well...

    Search check, I guess (1d20+5)[7]
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