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Well, Drows in drowtales are kinda jerk though in my opinion.
Same goes to the Surface elves who murdered "light" elves and practice caste system.
Murdering the outsider elves was pretty bad yeah, though i believe there was something in there about them not trusting outsiders and not wanting to endanger themselves by allowing them in. From their own point of view, those outsiders could be carrying diseases, they could leave the city and inform enemies of their location, or even breed with the local population and dilute the pure *Elf type here* Elf blood. I'm not sure, i take long bouts of not reading that comic to prevent me from catching up to the latest page.

As for the other thing, Their is nothing wrong with caste systems, if it works it works. again this boils down to "not human" society, just because they don't promote democracy and equality like we do does not make it wrong, just different.

Drows being jerk, well that's your opinion, and i can honestly understand where your coming from with that, they do have a tendency to shed a little more blood then necessary and betray one another at the most inopportune moments. Though again, it's their way and their culture, and from an outsider's point of view, it seems strange and likely wrong.

But anyways i think this is kind of getting offtopic. So how about them thar team gale? Sure are a windy group of acquaintances who work towards a mutual goal now ain't they? ...



What was their quest again?