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Leo sits down in an empty chair, uncomfortably aware of how close he is to his first crush. Well, something really weird happened last night. He then proceeded to explain about the weird nightmare, as well as he could remember it.The thing is, I never have nightmares, and this didn't feel like anything my body would throw at me. I did some research on pokemon that can affect dreams, but I couldn't find anything, which is even weirder. I plan on going to Xylo to look through their libraries, but I wanted to know if you know anybody who is knowledgeable about dreams, or about pokemon who can cause them.
Halle looks concerned as you tell her about your nightmare. She shakes her head when you're done. "That sounds really frightening, Leo. I can't think of anything myself, but that's a long way from my area of expertise so that isn't surprising. I do know that there are some great dream doctors in Xylo working for Serenity Corp."

"I've taken Miss Washburne on plenty of tours of the Safari Zone over the years, so I can give her a call and see if she can schedule a meeting for you with one of them. You just let the receptionist know that I sent you and you should be fine.
She puts her hand on your shoulder. "I hope they can help you, Leo."