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The trainer nods a goodbye in response and leaves through the aforementioned door with Orobas in tow. "Come on, let's get you something to eat, you've definitely earned it," he whispers into the Abra's ear. It had been a very eventful day but he could honestly say that he was glad for it. His Pokemon were proving time and again, valuable friends and allies, and he was excited for the prospects of leaving the town. But first they would eat and then they could look for some lodgings for the night.
You and Shane head on into the cafeteria, and some rangers nod to you in respect for having helped. Apparently, word travels fast around here. It's also a veritable pokedex feast in here!

A dozen pokemon are eating with their trainers: A Masquerain, a pair of Nuzleafs, a Jigglypuff, a Nosepass, a Slugma, a Riolu, a Panpour, a Torkoal, a Magby, another Jigglypuff, and an Umbreon.

You stand in line and eventually get food for yourself and Orobas. You and Shane sit down at an open table. "Eventful day, huh?" he asks after shoveling down a mouthful of food.