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    Fantastic job everyone! All of the poems were wonderful -- it was not an easy judgment, but here is mine anyway....

    Prompt 1
    TechWarrior : story was very clear, wonderful use of imagery, good flow, pace was solid, nice control of stanzas
    Haruki : very good imagery, solid storytelling – I enjoyed the anthropomorphism, no clear rhyming scheme but interesting use still, solid flow and pacing, unique use of rhythm
    Comment – this was particularly close, both were good and solid in terms of imagery and mechanics but TechWarrior had a clear edge in stronger imagery, good pacing for both but Haruki seemed more consistent leading to a cleaner word flow; overall I leaned more heavily to the storytelling elements of TechWarrior’s, but it was a very tight call
    Winner TechWarrior

    Prompt 2
    Weezer : creative twist on the topic, solid pacing, somewhat choppy rhythm mimicking the segmentation of the individual photos on the film strip (very cleaver)
    The Grimmace : an even looser interpretation of the prompt but it works for me, wonderful imagery and clear pacing, less a story and more of an inanimate character sketch but extraordinarily well done
    Comment – I find it interesting that both of these entries focus on the medium rather than the image but it works… I keep changing my mind on the winner, it was so close… Weezer did a much better poem for the prompt, but The Grimmace had a better poem for what I felt from the words and saw in my mind’s eye, and I think that is the deciding factor for me
    Winner The Grimmace

    Prompt 3
    Saint Ridley : although I said it last round, the synopsis holds true – superb use of imagery, good use of pacing, strong storytelling, and I loved the sense of humor…
    leakingpen : NP
    Comment – Saint Ridley’s win by default, but I have to say that I loved the poem overall, the story and the image were so solid and the subtle humor was wonderful, and I think that I would call this one my favorite of all 8 this round
    Winner Saint Ridley

    Prompt 4
    Silviya : NP
    Garwain : it is a very good poem, with clear flow and a solid story, though with less of a focus on imagery, but I cannot find the connection to the prompt at all despite reading it several times in multiple sittings – perhaps an additional stanza or even just a few lines to tie it back to the prompt in a clear way
    Comment – Garwain’s win by default; the poem was a very interesting story, but I can’t say that I would have necessarily chosen it due to the seeming lack of connection to the prompt
    Winner Garwain
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