[QUOTE=Mauve Shirt;13767041Sanya's an ex Denarian, maybe since Harry's so tight with Uriel he could wield a sword and be a Denarian simultaneously.[/QUOTE]

...Uh, no. I'm pretty sure that's like trying to make a toy house out of Lincoln Logs that are alternatingly made of matter and anti-matter.

Sanya is an ex-Denarian. He cast aside that evil, corrupting power.
The Coins and the Swords are diametrically opposed.

More than that, there's 0 evidence any of the coins contain a Fallen One who's "less evil" enough that they could be trusted (ha!) with a Sword without almost immediately attempting to destroy it.

Honestly, Harry is the Merlin figure in the story of the Swords. He holds them in trust, and he distributes them, but he doesn't wield them, long term.